I know this may sound like begging but can you comment or like on my blogs. I am only new so if you could give me advice on how to be a better blogger I would really appreciate it. I am a young girl and get bullied a lot.





Have you ever been bullied? Why? When? How?

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Sad News

Hey guys!

So I just went to my friends house right? Well she was riding her horse and fell off onto rusty barbwire fence and got deep cuts.

She is at hospital but she will need stiches! Right before Term 4!! #Sad!!


Last Day Of Holidays :(

Today is the last day of holidays! #sad face

We spent the holidays camping at hastings point. We stayed there for a week and got back home on Saturday. That was the second week of holidays.

The first week of holidays was fun. We stayed home but had friends over, went shopping and went swimming! #FUN!

Here is a little secret. I have fractured my arm so I have spent the holidays in a waterproof cast. At least I could go swimming!!

I hope you like my blog! (It is my first time)